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Tummy time = favorite time with my lil girl.

Tummy time = favorite time with my lil girl.

It has always been my belief that people are remembered for the sum of their accomplishments but defined by their singular failure.

—Chuck Klosterman, I Wear the Black Hat: Grappling with Villains

Sam Amidon

—My Old Friend

Sam Amidon - My Old Friend

City Calm Down

—Pleasure And Consequence

City Calm Down - Pleasure And Consequence

It was late on a Friday afternoon, when the air is fertile, about to split and reveal its warm fruit—that gold nucleus of time, the weekend.

—Rebecca Lee - Bobcat & Other Stories

Earlier that day I had found a sheet of paper on which Min’s grandmother had written her definition of the “superior woman.” At the top of the page it said, “Formula for Woman, According to Dignity.” The formula was “Has excellent posture, which is two-thirds contentment and one-third desire.”
At first I thought this a bit arbitrary. But all day the idea had been passing through my mind like a mantra. I began to think, in this strange place—half kingdom, half city—that the grandmother’s formula caught the entire world in its tiny palm. Two-thirds contentment, one-third desire. Of course, I thought, as I spiraled my way through the trees to Asia Foodstore, that is the composition of the world.

—Rebecca Lee, Bobcat & Other Stories


—Nothing (Acoustic Version)

Editors - Nothing (Acoustic Version)



Postiljonen - Help

Stimulating jamz

One important thing was not to forget what he hoped to achieve in life. Another important thing was not to confuse a romantic picture of himself—as a doctor in Africa, for example—with a real possibility. And he tried not to lose sight of the fact that he was an adult in an adult world, with responsibilities. This was not easy: he would find himself sitting in the sun cutting out paper stars for a Christmas tree at the very moment other men were working to support large families or representing their countries in foreign places. When in moments of difficult truth-seeking he saw this incongruity, he felt sick that he should be saddled with himself, as though he were his own unwanted guest.

—Lydia Davis, Break It Down

The 1975 - Chocolate

Summer Jamz

She was thinking how it was the unfinished business. This was why she could not sleep. She could not say the day was over. She had no sense that any day was ever over. Everything was still going on. The business not only not finished but maybe not done well enough.

—Lydia Davis, Break it Down

Books read in June. 
Recommended: M.E. Thomas + Elizabeth L. Silver

Books read in June. 

Recommended: M.E. Thomas + Elizabeth L. Silver